Poza Zilei: Iara Stadium

Iara Stadium

This morning I was digging through some of my very oldest pictures that I’ve got on the computer and I discovered the photo above, which is of the “stadium” where I witnessed the Saddest Soccer Game of All Time lo these many years ago. Strangely enough, just the other day whilst out and about in town, I ran into the guy in question, the one who played in that game. Now he’s a married man with a kid and living a much more sedate life, interestingly enough.
If you’ve never been to Iara, it’s a tiny town in jud. Cluj, one which I am inordinately familiar with, especially considering the fact that last year during Let’s Do It, Romania! we went to go pick up garbage in the vicinity. There’s also one more story about Iara but I cannot tell it here, as frankly it’s not “family friendly” and involves a lot of homemade wine and some shenanigans that were, of course, completely not my fault in any way whatsoever :P

Please don’t ask me why there is a tree stump every 5 meters next to the stadium. This is Romania, dang it, there are no explanations for such things!