Cat Scandal!

Folks, I’m sorry to say this but it looks like my cats have also been caught up in the Wikileaks scandals.

Noodles (on top in the picture above) was implicated in a 2007 scheme to defraud neighborhood cats of valuable napping time.

Mr. Zig (bottom in picture above) is a well-known “Feline Baron” in Romania, who used his influence and wealth to appropriate an unfair amount of cuddling and petting from humans.

As a result of these now-public scandals, I hereby distance myself from these two nefarious cats and will no longer have any professional contact with them.


6 thoughts on “Cat Scandal!

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  2. Thanks for posting these Tara! I love that you can see Caleb’s ltltie fat rolls.He always wants to see the picture of the kitty. He points to it and than smiles at himself


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