Balada Supraviețuitorului a lui Sam cel Român

Well folks, good news! My Romanian-language book is now for sale in the United States.

This one is going to be sold a little bit differently than The Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania for a number of reasons.

The permanent link to all the venues where you can get the Romanian book are at top of the screen (click here).

The paperback version of Balada Supraviețuitorului a lui Sam cel Român will NOT be sold via the “regular” Amazon page and for a very good reason – I’d have to charge at least 7 USD to have it listed there. I’m very proud of my book and a heck of a lot of hard work went into writing it but it’s around 100 pages long and $7 just seems far too much to charge for it.

There will also NOT be a Kindle or Sony Reader or B&N Nook version because those formats do not allow Romanian diacritics. There are however a number of digital versions you can purchase (including PDF) at the link, all of them for the price of 0.99 USD. I believe that Smashwords lets you download a free preview so don’t hesitate to check it out!

The paperback version purchased via the direct link will be the only way to get it outside of Romania. I have no idea what the shipping costs are but the link will calculate them for you.

Inside Romania, the book will be printed and distributed via Editura Eikon, the lovely folks that I’ve written about. At the moment I have no idea when it will be ready but you can obviously contact them and ask. The paperback WILL be sold in actual “brick and mortar” bookstores in Romania as well as being sold via their website.

I am sure they will modify the cover and do some other editing and whatnot, so that ultimately the USA version will be slightly different than the Romanian version.

A number of people have asked me if there will be an English-language version of Balada Supraviețuitorului and the answer is no. I wrote this book specifically as my way of thanking all of the people here in Romania for all the kindness and generosity they’ve shown me over the years and it is full of stories (and plays on words) that only make sense in Romanian.

Yes, the first draft was written in English but this book is for Romanians, pure and simple.

It’s a collection of 27 short stories, some of which have appeared on this website in English while others are brand new, most of them anecdotes about my personal life and my crazy adventures in this country. The few people who have read it (in Romanian) seem to like it quite a lot and I certainly hope that’s the reaction of the general public as well!

I really don’t want to turn this website into my personal fiefdom for pimping out my books but I am very happy that this project is done and now heading out into the world to seek its own fate. If I were truly mega-wealthy (as some people continue to insist I must be, due to my blue passport) I’d print this book out at my own expense and hand it out to free to all of my friends, (Romanian) family and colleagues, since it really is more of a “thank you” than a money-making venture. Before taxes, I think I’ll receive about 35 cents apiece for every copy sold of the USA paperback and digital versions.

In case you missed it, one story from Balada Supravietuitorului is posted in its entirety for free on my website, which you can find by clicking here (the infamous 37 steps).

To all of you who have supported me from the first day I set foot on Romanian soil, throughout all of the long years struggling with the culture and language, those who visit my website, write thoughtful and informative comments, send me encouraging messages via email, Twitter and Facebook, those of you who came out and met me at my various appearances, who bought me beers, coffees and yes even cabbage dishes, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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  1. Adrian says:

    Got it from Smashwords!


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