Book Contact Info (in Romania)

Ok folks I literally have exactly one copy left but there are more on the way. I have absolutely no idea when they’ll get here (could be tomorrow, could be January, it’s in the postal workers’ hands now) but here is the information on whom to contact:

Cluj/Northwest Romania

Daciana Morariu
Facebook: here
telephone: 0726 36.66.86


Tudor Seicarescu
Facebook: here.

Again, we’re all waiting on copies of the book so nobody has any at the moment. But as they start to come in, that’s who to contact. It’s going to be “first come, first serve” so contact them today and exchange information and then you’ll be on the list.

The price is going to be 50 lei.

They both speak English and Romanian fluently as well as a few other languages (esp French).

Plus if you’re interested in buying the book (in bulk) like for stores, hotel chains, corporations etc., please contact Tudor Seicarescu above.

For anyone outside of Romania, the Amazon paperback and various digital editions are the only ones ready at the moment. As always, you can look on the top menu bar on this website (click here) for all the links and information on how/where to buy the book.

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