Cluj Party and Book Info

Ok folks, if you’re in Cluj tonight’s the big book party at Cleo Pub (35 Str. Clinicilor) across from the Fabrica de Bere, starting at 7pm and going to whenever. It’s on the Motilor side of Clinicilor not the Casa de Cultura side. If you’re coming by bus, get off at the Fabrica de Bere on Motilor and walk across the street. If you’re driving, you’re better off parking in Hasdeu near Casa Vikingilor and walking down Piezisa Street. Their phone number is 0755 50.95.52

We’ll be upstairs with candy, games, The Woman, T-shirts and of course the book :D and there’s no “entrance fee” or anything. Feel free to drop by!

The digital versions are being uploaded to the various sites and formatted. Check back in on Monday and they should be working just fine.

My friend Daciana will also be attending the party tonight. She’s the person who is going to be handling sales of the book in Cluj (and northwest Romania) so you can meet and speak with her as well. She’ll be in town over the winter break so that’s whom to contact. I’ll be publishing her other contact info here later but you can find her on Facebook (Daciana Morariu). She speaks English and Romanian fluently.

I’ve got a shipment of books coming from America for a few personal sales and the like. It’s up to the postal gods to determine when they get here but some are on the way as I speak.

Definitely be posting some pictures tomorrow so you can see all the fun you missed :D Hope to see you there!

UPDATE: I totally didn’t see yesterday it but Romania Libera published a second article about me as well ;) It’s their Romanian translation of this article originally written in English.

UPDATE: Due to the fact that the book is selling well, Amazon has now reduced the price on the paperback book to 7.99. Woah! It’s entirely their doing and I have no idea how long that price will last. Get yours today and read it before Christmas! :D

6 thoughts on “Cluj Party and Book Info

  1. I was thinking to send some family members copies of the book, but I can’t decide if I should buy the original cheaper version or the typo-free new pricier version…


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