Adventures in Publishing

As I mentioned, last week’s English meet-up involved a book exchange, where people donate their used books to the group in exchange for reading other member’s books. I went home with a short stack of books myself, including two from very well-known authors. One book that I read was written by Mary Higgins Clark, who has to be the worst author I’ve read in a … Continue reading Adventures in Publishing

The American Who Came In From The Cold

Wow! I had a really great time last night meeting both some (English-speaking) foreigners living here in Romania as well as some Romanians who have been to the United States (and other foreign places). Quite a different mix than I’m used to, that’s for sure. I wish I had some photographs but alas, I don’t own a camera. I know some pictures were taken and … Continue reading The American Who Came In From The Cold

Book Contact Info (in Romania)

Ok folks I literally have exactly one copy left but there are more on the way. I have absolutely no idea when they’ll get here (could be tomorrow, could be January, it’s in the postal workers’ hands now) but here is the information on whom to contact: Cluj/Northwest Romania Daciana Morariu email: Facebook: here telephone: 0726 36.66.86 Bucharest/Wallachia Tudor Seicarescu email: Facebook: here. … Continue reading Book Contact Info (in Romania)

1 Fish, 2 Fish, Blue Fish, Black Fish

Whew mercy, I’ve been one busy bee here the last 48 hours. All kinds of machinations and schemes and emails and phone calls are flying all over the place. Here’s the information so far: FOR ROMANIA: As I speak, the book is being registered in the Biblioteca Nationala a Romaniei which will give me a (Romanian) ISBN number and basically make this book a legal … Continue reading 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Blue Fish, Black Fish