1 Fish, 2 Fish, Blue Fish, Black Fish

Whew mercy, I’ve been one busy bee here the last 48 hours.

All kinds of machinations and schemes and emails and phone calls are flying all over the place. Here’s the information so far:


As I speak, the book is being registered in the Biblioteca Nationala a Romaniei which will give me a (Romanian) ISBN number and basically make this book a legal entity to sell in this country.

At least one chain (Carturesti) is definitely interested in selling the book and they have stores in Iasi, Craiova, Timisoara, Cluj and of course Bucharest. I’ve contacted half a dozen other bookstores and chains in Romania and that’s all still being worked out.

Certainly if you know the owner of a bookstore (or chain of bookstores) in Romania who would want to sell this book, please contact me.

It looks right now as though the price for the book will be 50 lei (cu TVA).

The size of the book will be A5, paperback and 346 pages. The content inside is identical to the American/worldwide version.

Some books however will be sold on a “personal” basis (i.e. not in a bookstore). I have two Romanian colleagues whom I am working with, one in Bucharest and one in Cluj, who will be handling all of this. When this all is 100% ready to go, I’ll tell you their names and contact information as well.

Discount orders of course can be negotiated for a better price.


It’s going to be months before you can get the paperback version anywhere besides Amazon, although it is coming. Amazon will also deliver this book pretty much anywhere worldwide.

Multiple digital versions from Kindle, Nook, EPUB and Sony Reader versions are available worldwide.

VERY IMPORTANT: The price of the paperback is now going from $9.99 to $14.99. I just looked at the Amazon page and it still has the old price but that will change within 24 hours.

Why? Well a number of reasons. One is that although I edited the book for days and days before publishing it, I still found a number of errors. There are three or four egregious typos. I also went through and modified a number of other, minor things like commas and the like.

I also tinkered with the layout a bit, which reduced the number of pages. The information is EXACTLY THE SAME with only a few tiny polishes on the text.

As I’ve been showing the (physical) book around, I realized this is truly a remarkable book and while it looked 99% professional, I wasn’t satisfied until it was 100%.

The new, improved version has a black cover so if you’re one of the lucky people who has one with a blue cover, hold onto it. It’s now a limited edition.

Reading this book will save you far more than $15 just avoiding scams and BS and confusion. From the foreign guys I’ve spoken to Romania, the chapter on dating is worth $15 all on its own. Certainly it’s an incredibly useful tool and worth every penny.

Also, 50 lei is roughly equivalent to $15 and it seemed a little weird to be charging (future) Romanians more than Americans. There’s a whole host of other reasons as well due to who is distributing where and who gets what percentage and on and on, very technical stuff. Let’s just say at $15 (or 50 lei) a copy, everybody goes home happy.

Note: The electronic versions will remain $7.99. Clearly there’s no printing costs (or storage) involved and my situation with all the various (digital) outlets is just fine as is.

It’ll be 24 hours before the new digital versions are updated but the links are all the same.

All the links can always be found HERE.


Basically if you’re in UK, Australia or a former British territory (Hong Kong, Singapore, etc) there’s a unique catalog and system of publishing books.

I’m already working on getting the book properly copyrighted and listed and all the rest in UK. It’s an antiquated and slow (but very friendly) process so it’ll be a couple of months.

Once this book is able to be sold in UK (and Australia, et al) in book shops, I will let you know. I will probably also have a Romanian colleague in London do “personal” sales as well.

The digital versions of course all work now (including the UK Kindle link).


I’m in contact with a few English-speaking book stores in Madrid. If it becomes for sale there (in the physical form), I’ll let you know. Certainly if you’re in Madrid and can assist me, please contact me.


Coming soon.

As for the rest, well one day I’m going to have to write a book on exactly how confusing and complicated it is to publish a book around the globe ;)

15 thoughts on “1 Fish, 2 Fish, Blue Fish, Black Fish

  1. Will the paper version of the book be available for (personal) sale in Cluj before the end of this year? For example, on the 29th of December?


      1. If you’re off to Spain for the holidays and if you can see the email address I used for commenting here, could you please give it to the person who’ll be in Cluj on & around the 29th, available to sell the book, so he/she can tell me where and when to meet him/her? Or should I just go to the bar on Clinicilor to buy the book there?


      2. I’m meeting with people today precisely about this. I promise as soon as we get it all arranged I’ll let you know and publish it here on the blog :D


  2. When will the book be on sale in Carturesti? I am very interested in buying some paper back versions to bring back to my foreign friends. :)


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