Well folks, it is literally 4:00 am as I type this and bitterly cold outside (-7C). I’m heading out the door to catch a plane to Bucharest where I’ll be all day.

I have scheduled meetings with certain people (you know who you are) but I’ll be hanging out in public later on this afternoon if you’d like to meet me. I’ll be posting updates on Twitter (see my Contact Info at the top of the page) which you can read even without an account. Get yourself a free shirt at least!

I’ll be wearing my wine-colored CFR shirt all day for easy recognition purposes. For those of you who are ardent soccer (football) fans, relax. I don’t give 2 bani about sports teams, the CFR shirt is just the most recognizable shirt I have to wear (esp in Bucharest).

So for those of you in Bucharest… see you soon! For everyone else, “see” you tomorrow.

UPDATE: Made it home safe and alive, wintry weather notwithstanding. Met some awesome people (you know who you are) and literally had maybe 10 minutes “free” to myself the entire day. Awesome, awesome trip and more details later.

The good news is that we’re ever closer to getting a paper, physical copy of the book in Romanian stores very soon :D

CLUJENI: Party for Sunday is definitely going to happen (see “My Public Schedule” at the top of the screen). If you live anywhere near here, definitely come and at least check out the book. Everybody who’s picked it up has been completely engrossed and definitely worth a free look, no? Plus T-shirts!

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