14 thoughts on “My Favorite One Yet

  1. Uhm…you lost me at Lincoln the dictator and then really really lost me at ” I don’t see how slavery is bad”.
    No point in discussing this anymore…our views are light years apart.


  2. This chain of comments began because of your view that the Confederate Flag stands for liberty. How could it? Even if the slaves were only 2% of the South’s population it was still unwilling to free them because they did most of the hard labour on the plantations and they were cheaper than paid labour so slavery was an important economical advantage.
    Even if the South’s main reasons for seceding were economical and political its view on slavery cannot be ignored when stating that its flag stands for liberty.

    About your other points:

    The North couldn’t make that much money from slave trading after the end of the 18th century because the introduction of new slaves from Africa into North America was stopped after that time. The North made more money because it was more industrialized.

    Like I said, slavery is not the most important issue of the war although it is important none the less and its perceived importance grew especially in the 20th century when the whole event got oversimplified and romanticized by movies and emancipation of blacks in the 1960’s.


    1. Yeah… I made a mistake… the north was involved in cotton trade (actually NYC made a big chunk of it’s money from cotton and tobacco trading (all goods from the South). That’s why a lot of this northern cities didn’t want to join the Union… because they needed those goods not stupid wars.
      The flag stands for liberty because they had all the rights to secede from the US and have their own laws but Lincoln, the dictator, infringed their rights! Since then the US became a dictatorship and a war machine (that’s also because they’ve seen the benefits of the war for the economy and innovation).
      Those slaves weren’t cheaper than the workers in the North. Actually they were more expensive. The master had to pay for their food, their housing and so on… while in the North they had some miserable salaries and many of them couldn’t afford to live.
      Also… I don’t see how slavery is bad but the child labor and the lack of rights for the workers were good up North.


  3. @ Grigore

    Don’t take this comment in a negative way, I do not wish to continue it just for the sake of one of us wanting to be right or turning it into a Scolding of Righteousness.
    I did in fact take a look at the causes for the Civil War again, my point is still valid. I did also aknowledge it is just one of many reasons, and I also concede it may be much less important of a reason than many think but still…it is there.
    It is you who should brush up on your history, I should remind you that the Civil War erupted in 1861 and ended in 1865, most of the Northern states had abolished slavery well before the 1860s, if you don’t believe me just google “the underground railroad” .

    Happy New Year!!!
    La Multi Ani!!!


    1. Ok… probably that’s why the richest cities in the North (ie New York City) wanted to join the South instead of the Union. (the North probably made more money than the South from slave trading and so on). Only 2% of the people living in the South owned slaves (the other 98% were fighting for what?).


      1. Really!? That’s an ironic statement if I ever heard one. The Confederation was the one that still used slaves until the 1860’s and that was one of the reasons why the American Civil war happened.

        He most likely used the Confederate flag on the shirt because it still represents the Southern part of the US, unoficially. There are still people there that identify with it.


      2. Please study some history! The Civil War was not about slavery at all! Actually the issue of slavery appeared in the last year of war! When the Civil War started the North still had few slaves too.


  4. super tare!
    te rog să îmi permiţi să corectez o propoziţie de mai sus astfel:
    “E o varianta de asta” devine “E o varianta de la asta”.
    Toate cele bune.


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