Worth It

I got a most wonderful email this morning. I haven’t asked the author if they mind me using their name, so for now I’ll keep it anonymous.

In al doilea rand este faptul ca citind ceea ce ai scris am avut pentru prima oara in multi ani un moment in care mi-am zis “poate de fapt nu vreau sa emigrez”.

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me feel – every time I hear it. Ten years ago any Romanian who had been abroad was considered extremely lucky. And yet, slowly but surely, I’m starting to sense a nationwide trend to STAY IN ROMANIA and make things work here.

Obviously I chose to move abroad so I understand and appreciate all the people globally who do it – but if it’s even partially true that Romanians can stay in Romania if they want to and have a good life, well that’s wonderful news indeed :D

As nice as all the attention I get is, I honestly don’t think anything makes me happier than to hear I had even the tiniest impact on making Romanians satisfied and proud to live here. Wow!

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  1. Andrei says:


    True enough. On the other hand while having foreigners come and share is great, nobody’s going to do our job for us. You know we have that saying: “Dumnezeu iti da dar nu-ti baga si-n gura.” or something along those lines. So some may come and lead we still have to follow and at the same time forge our own leaders.


  2. Dan says:

    I’ll tell you what Romania needs more than returning Romanians: it needs Westerners willing to assume a new identity, that of a Romanian, just like you did. The 2 mil+ Romanians that left the country will not return, but that loss can be offset if 2 mil foreigners will come to Romania to change it from the ground up.


    1. Sam R. says:

      What’s the old expression, “lead, follow or get out of the way”? :D


    2. Monica says:

      Why are you saying they will not return? I’m a returning romanian after some years working outside Ro. And I came here willingly (and I wasn’t the only one).
      I suppose I’m not a part of majority :) but not a special case either.

      Most people saying is better somewhere else and that Romania stinks will not make the step to leave Romania. I’m asking each of them “so why are you here?”. They don’t have good answer.
      I think they are just whining and they see don’t see the beauty even if it’s there. I’m not saying that is great here, I’m saying that is more how you want to see it.


  3. Radu says:

    Mate, your blog will be my official spokeswhatever when I’m coming back. For years I’ve been yearning to return but a combination of still going to school and a need to pay off the implied student debt (far less than what you guys pay in the States, more akin to the Greek levels of debt) are delaying that. But still, you’ve no idea how often I struggled to explain to my friends that Romania is wonderful place once you get the chance to miss it and see it in a different perspective.

    I know this sounds like big words but you’re doing wonderful things for Romania without even realizing. In a sense you’re like Raed Arafat. Two people who were not born in Romania but are far more Romanian that most of us. :)

    Although it is inspired from StarTrek, I’m pretty sure “live long and prosper” is a fitting end to this comment.


    1. Sam R. says:

      Well in literally passing my book around all day with Romanians I’ve known for years, they told me basically the same thing – about damned time someone had something nice to say about Romania besides “cheap beer and hot women”.


  4. GabiC says:

    E o bucurie și pentru noi să auzim că sunt mulți pe care i-a convins un străin să nu mai plece…
    Când zic “noi”, mă refer la noi toți cei care suntem marea masă a celor care nu agreează chiar tot ce se zice despre români. Pe de altă parte e îmbărbătător să afli că mai sunt români care apreciază pozitiv eforturile de a îi face pe români să fie iar români…
    Îți mulțumesc!


  5. Dan the Man says:

    You sure did….a returning Canadian.


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