Cluj Party

Despite the fierce December rain, I just got my shipment of promotional copies of the book. Wow! These books look and feel absolutely fabulous. Everything from the binding to the quality of the paper is just stupendous.

Honestly I think anyone who ordered the paperback version of this book is going to be very pleased. Even the diacritics (special Romanian letters) came out flawlessly.

I’ll be hosting a little “party” at my friend’s bar in Cluj-Napoca on Sunday, December 19 at 1900 (7pm) at my friend’s bar. If you’re interested in meeting me and/or actually seeing the book, come on down!

It’s located at 31 Str. Clinicilor, right where it meets Motilor and Strada Piezisa (heading to Hasdeu). In other words, it’s roughly across the street from the Fabrica de Bere, which is the bus stop you should use if you’re coming that way.

I’d greatly appreciate it if you let me know if think you might be coming but if you’re shy you can certainly come unannounced.

The bar has two levels and we’ll be upstairs. The bar’s Facebook page can be found here.

As always, I’ll be the one wearing the wine-red CFR shirt.


4 thoughts on “Cluj Party

  1. How I wish I could come to your little “party”!!! Unfortunately I am nowhere near Cluj but in USA….eating horrible tomatoes and dreaming of the delicious romanian ones.
    Reading your blog made me realize once again how much I miss home.
    Your book will be the perfect present for my american friends who want to learn a bit about my home country!!
    Thank you for the wonderful blog. I had a blast reading it!
    And I can’t wait for the book to arrive!


    1. Well I can’t promise you’ll like the WORDS in the book, as that’s subjective, but the quality of the physical book is quite impressive. I sat here for months writing this all out on computer screens and feeling the hefty, solid WEIGHT of the physical book is still blowing my mind :D in a good way!


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