Happy Birthday, Mr. Zig!

Mr. Zig!

Well in all the excitement here of late, I forgot to commemorate (online) the birthday of Mr. Zig, the cute little guy you see in the photo above.

No one knows his exact birthday but sometime around two years ago, this little guy was born on the streets of Timisoara. He was later adopted by two different families until they couldn’t take of him anymore and then I was lucky enough to go to Timisoara to pick him up.

He had an awful, miserable train ride home and received a thrashing from Noodles (my other cat) when he got to Cluj, but very soon he was quite at home, merrily dashing all over the place and always creating destruction with such an innocent glee that nobody could ever stay mad at him for long.

He’s all grown up now, weighing in at over 5 kilos, yet he is as gentle as a lamb and has an unbelievably kind heart. He rarely wants to snuggle or cuddle, or even be picked up, but when he’s in the right mood for some petting he purrs as loud as an outboard motor.

Yet he never miaows, nor cries, nor “speaks” in any way. Why that is, I don’t know, as there’s nothing wrong with his vocal chords. He only cries out when he’s in severe distress or pain, which thankfully has been almost never since I got him home.

Despite his skills as a “fridge breaker” and his uncanny dexterity in opening doors he shouldn’t, he’s simply the sweetest, furriest, roly-poly cat I could ever want to have, and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

Happy Birthday Mr. Zig!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mr. Zig!

  1. There is probably nothing wrong with Mr. Zig’s vocal chords. Cats in the wild stop meowing after they leave their mothers. This kittenish instinct is carried to adulthood by cats with humans because it works so well; a cat who consistently meows will get attention and food.

    Your cat apparently has developed other ways make you obey, so he need not revert to meowing.


  2. He also cries out when you mess around with food in front of him, just to let you know he’d very much like some please, thank you! :D


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