Happy Birthday, Mr. Zig!

It’s hard to believe, but my beloved cat Mr. Zig is 9 years old this month. He’s not only the oldest cat in our household but also the sweetest. Although, of course, we can never tell him that because he likes to think of himself as a tough guy and vigilant defender against intruder cats…

Mr. Zig is back!

Word count: 560 I am very happy to announce some unalloyed good news. Yes! Mr. Zig is back! A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how he disappeared one afternoon, seemingly never to come back. Later that same night, the temperature dropped precipitously and then we had several days of snow and bitter cold….

Walking Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Word Count: 2188 Well, a new year has begun, and I hope it has been a happy and fortuitous start for all of you out there. I apologize for my extended absence, as unfortunately a number of less than happy things have happened. First, someone I care about very much had a mental breakdown. That…

New Camera

Wow! The Woman bought a brand-new digital camera last night and you can see above how awesome it is. Definitely be taking some photos of the party in Cluj on Sunday so if you can’t attend, at least you’ll see all the fun you missed! PS – Click on the photo for the super-large version.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Zig!

Well in all the excitement here of late, I forgot to commemorate (online) the birthday of Mr. Zig, the cute little guy you see in the photo above. No one knows his exact birthday but sometime around two years ago, this little guy was born on the streets of Timisoara. He was later adopted by…