Slang Word of the Day: Mec

One of the interesting things about traveling is that around the globe, different people have different slang abbreviations for McDonald’s, the multinational fast food empire.

I know a lot of people are familiar with calling the outlets “Mickey D’s” in the United but did you know that in Australia it’s called Macca’s? Or that in Japan they call it “Makku”?

Well in Romania, it’s called “Mec” (meck).

A taxi driver I heard recently, on his phone to someone: da, ne intalnim in fata la mec or “Yes, we will meet up in front of McDonald’s”.

Some other multinational food chains and their pronunciation in Romanian:

  • KFC – sometimes kay-ef-see but also sometimes kai-eff-chay (the Romanian letters sounded out)
  • Starbucks – pronounced star-BOOKS
  • Pizza Hut – pronounced pizza hat
  • Burger King – pronounced boor-ger keen
  • Subway – pronounced soob-way

And now you know :D


5 thoughts on “Slang Word of the Day: Mec

  1. ROFL about all the slang….hahahaha…well in Germany I think they call a Big Mac a Mäc or sth like that b/c they don’t know what do w/ the a in “Mac”…and this ends up like Mec…XD


  2. In NZ it is also called Maccas, McD’s and Micky D’s. Just for more trivia!! :D
    hehehe :P
    Burger King in Aus is called “Hungry Jack’s”… weird ay.


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