Fast Food: Fattening Feasting Fun

A few years ago, my verrah own mother came to visit me here in Romania. And despite trying and eating homemade foods here as well as at “proper” sit-down restaurants, she kept returning over and over again to the fast food. It’s easy to understand why, even if the food isn’t of the highest quality nor is really cheaper than other places to eat. It … Continue reading Fast Food: Fattening Feasting Fun

Slang Word of the Day: Mec

One of the interesting things about traveling is that around the globe, different people have different slang abbreviations for McDonald’s, the multinational fast food empire. I know a lot of people are familiar with calling the outlets “Mickey D’s” in the United but did you know that in Australia it’s called Macca’s? Or that in Japan they call it “Makku”? Well in Romania, it’s called … Continue reading Slang Word of the Day: Mec