Mi-A Venit Barbatul Acasa

Oh my lord, I’m sure I’m the only English-speaking person on the planet who finds certain manele songs delightful but so it is :P

Here’s a superior product from Nicolae Guta and the incomparable Roxana, Printesa Ardealului aka Roxana, the Transylvanian Princess.

First of all, on a highly personal note, The Woman is openly aware of my fascination and admiration of Printesa Ardealului so it’s no secret or anything. She is simply fabulous.

I only know a few things about her. One is that she is easily about 2 meters tall (say 6’4″ in USA) and towers over others, including Guta. That’s why they’re sitting down together on the couch so you don’t notice the height differential (although you can see it here).

If you speak Romanian at all, do not miss this article and video interview wherein you meet 1) Printesa’s awesome cousin, 2) see Printesa, cousin and family go shopping at the piata, 3) See the cousin do a burlesque dance and 4) Printesa wears a tiny thong bikini to go swimming with her female family members. Plus about a million other awesome things (Q: What colors do you like? A: Bright ones).

So she’s tall, heavily made up with a lot of make-up and has flamboyantly dyed blonde hair, the classic definition of statuesque.

But the best part, absolutely the best, is that she was arrested earlier this month for allegedly smuggling tobacco into the country. Awesome. Really makes her human, you know?

Sadly, Guta on the other hand looks like a fat lump of lard in this video and is stuffed into a teal polo shirt. Luckily his voice sounds fantastic.

There’s a brief intro read by the uncredited Susanu in the style of a warning that follows pharmaceutical TV commercials (adverts) in Romania. It “warns” that this song is only for “the players” out there.

So without further ado, the awesome lyrics:

Singer Romanian Literal English Regular English
Susanu Cea mai smechera melodie, special de la Nicolae Guta, regele manelelor si Roxana, printesa ardealului. Cu dedicatie speciala pentru toti barbatii smecheri care isi pacalesc femeile numai cand vor ele. The slickest song, a hot new track from Nicolae Guta, king of the manele singers and Roxana, the Transylvanian Princess. With a special shout out to all the slick players out there who mess around with women on their own terms.
Merge It goes Hit it
Vers 1 Verse 1 Verse 1
Printesa Doamne-s cea mai bucuroasa Lord I am the most happy Oh joy, I am so happy that
Mi-a venit barbatul acasa to me it has come the man at home my man has come home
dupa vreo trei zile si vreo doua nopti. after some three days and some two nights. after being gone about three days and two nights.
Guta Nevasta nu am amante. Wife, I do not have lovers. Honey I’m not seeing anyone else.
Jur ca am muncit azi noapte I swear that I worked today night. I swear I was at work last night.
si inchide gura daca poti. and close the mouth if you are able. So shut your mouth if you can.
Susanu Hai, Roxana! Go on, Roxana! Hit it, Roxana!
(refren) (chorus) (chorus)
Printesa Doamne cum m-am maritat, Lord how I married Good lord how did I let myself get married
tocmai cu acest barbat at least with this man especially to this man
mincinos si afemeiat? liar and beloved by women? who is such a player and a liar?
Guta Doamne tie-ti multumesc Lord, I thank you I thank God every day
Ca alta nu mai gasesc that another will find that nobody will find out
ca pe ea s-o pacalesc. that to her I am cheating. that I’m cheating on her.
Vers 2 Verse 2 Verse 2
Printesa Barbatele imi cer scuze. Little man I ask to be excused Darling, forgive me but
urmele de ruj de buze? tracks of lipstick on lips? lipstick left on your lips?
Eu nu cred ca seful tau ti le-a lasat. I do not believe that the boss yours to you he has left it. I don’t think it’s from your boss kissing you.
Guta Daca nu te deranjeaza If it does not bother you Excuse me, I will have you know that
seful meu se mai rujeaza. the boss mine puts the lipstick. my boss wears lipstick.
Si ca nu crezi, bine astazi m-a pupat. And if you do not believe, well today I was kissed by he. Even if you don’t believe it, well, today he kissed me.
Vers 3 Verse 3 Verse 3
Printesa Are scumpul meu barbat Has the precious mine man My darling husband has
pe camasa par roscat. on shirt hair reddened. a red hair on his shirt.
Seful are parul lung si se vopseste? The boss has the hair long and it is painted? So your boss has long, dyed hair?
Guta Parul lui este pe duca. The hair his is on a journey. His hair is falling out.
Acum poarta o peruca. Now wears a wig. Now he has to wear a wig.
Muierea il streseaza si de aia cheleste. The wife to him stresses and from this balds. His old lady is stressing him out and making him go bald.

Watching the video itself is… whew. Besides seeing the glamorous Printesa there’s a “story enactment” of the lyrics with actors interspersed with the singers. What’s this?


00:01 – Seeing Susanu pretending to read is hilarious.
00:09 – We begin to see two GUYS acting out the lyrics of the song. One is wearing a wig and pretending to be the wife, sleeping in a room completely covered in dolls and stuffed animals.
00:40 – Uh oh, who’s this? A woman enters the room where the all-male couple are hugging.
1:02 – The woman begins to prepare a bed on the floor alongside the regular, unoccupied bed.
1:11 – She covers herself in a kind of a rug and lies down and is smiling most of the time while doing this.
1:23 – Someone throws a pillow on her face.
1:29 – The male half of the all-male couple is making his “wife” scrub the same rug that the woman was using as a blanket.
1:41 – Now we see the husband of the woman lying on the floor as he arrives home and sets down his leather briefcase and sunglasses on a desk in front of a computer. This guy never shows up again in the video!
1:45 – The all-male couple wakes up in bed together and begins to argue.
1:52 – Now it’s the woman flirting or smiling at the “husband” half of the all-male couple.
2:00 – Male “wife” is applying lipstick.
2:01 – In succession, both male and female “wives” kiss the all-male husband on the forehead.
2:21 – Now the woman “wife” and male “wife” are interspersed while cuddling with the all-male husband.

Seriously is that about the weirdest concept you ever heard for directing a video? Whew. Someone got paid to make that video!

Hey, welcome to Romania.

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