Happy Birthday, Noodles!

Well I don’t know the exact date but right around 2 years ago, my little grey cat baby was born in Brasov.

I wasn’t there for the event itself but that’s a shot of my little girl right after she was born.

She spent the first 90 days growng up with her brothers and sisters in Brasov but above is a photo of the little cutie sleeping in my hand soon after she came to live with me.

She’s a full grown little furball now though, weighing in at just about 3,4 kg (about 7.5 lbs) and has the amazing ability to jump incredibly high. Most days she drives me absolutely bonkers but she charms one and all (including me) with her big eyes and cuddly nature so I guess I’ll keep her for a while yet :P

As for how to “celebrate”, not quite sure yet. I might go into town later and pick up some “pipote si inimi” (chicken hearts and gizzards), one of her all-time favorite treats.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Noodles!

  1. Noodles! La mulţi ani!! ;))

    He is super cute :3

    (p.s. Noodles almost has the same birthday as my Hammy! Not related though. Hammy’s a ginga kid)


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