De Cand Ti-Ai Dat Jos Mustata

Oh my goodness, this is easily my favorite manele song at the moment. It has not just the all-time manele king, Nicolae Guta but also the wonderful Denisa. Awesome on their own, they are unstoppable when singing together.

So without further adieu (click here if it doesn’t load):

Singer Romanian Literal English Regular English
Denisa De cand ti-ai dat jos mustata From when you have taken down the mustache Since you shaved off your mustache
bade ce-ti mai place viata respected elder, how much you more like life I’ve seen how much more you like your life, sir.
vi acasa dimineata. you come home morning You come home early in the morning.
Guta De mustata nu te lua Of the mustache not you to take The mustache can’t take your place
si cu ea si fara ea. and with her and without her because with or without it
Stii ca tu esti viata mea. You know you are my life. you know you mean everything to me.
Denisa Esti un mare mincinos You are a big liar You are a big liar
dar mereu ma minti frumos but always to me you lie beautifully. but you always lie so beautifully to me.
Guta Si pe mine niciodata And to me never Baby, you can never
nu poti sa fi suparata (x2) you can’t be mad. stay mad at me.
Denisa De vreo doua luni sau trei Of about two months or three Starting about two or three months ago
vi cand vrei si pleci cand vrei. you come when you want and leave when you want. you come when you want and leave when you want.
Ori nu iti mai plac ochii mei? Or you no it is more liking eyes mine? Or don’t you like my eyes anymore?
Guta Nu-ti mai face griji deloc. Not to you more make worries at all. Don’t you worry about a thing.
Daca plec tot ma intorc. If I leave all me I return. If I leave I always return.
Stii ca te iubesc cu foc You know I love you with fire. You know I’m crazy about you baby.

I think the weirdest line of them all is the bade up there where Denisa is referring to her (assuming) husband as this weird form of address meaning “respected elder” more or less. Especially freaky because the video is showing a fairly young husband.

I should add however that Denisa and Guta didn’t write this song. It’s actually a semi-manele adaptation of an old Romanian folklore song.

Best parts:

00:01 – Country man and protagonist of the video shaving outside his house using what is clearly a car’s side mirror mounted on the wall.

00:20 – Only a few seconds into this video, the husband is shown rip-roaring drunk already.

00:30 – Drunk husband bows politely and doffs his hat to his horse.

00:59 – Drunken husband tries to take a nap in some greenery but his wife comes over with a stick and starts whacking him.

1:09 – Now she’s slipping into the haystacks with her (still drunken) husband for some sexy fun times but pops out a couple of times to wave happily to the audience (wtf?).

1:32 – A chained-up dog sees the wife beating the husband (again) with a stick and he (the dog) gets riled up as hell and lunges to the end of his chain.

2:03 – Mysteriously the husband and wife are riding on a cart with a third guy now. Who is this guy? Nobody knows.

2:34 – Feeding a cow with a bucket!

2:51 – Wife’s mother (or grandmother) appears, protecting the wife from the husband and ends up chasing him with a homemade broom.

Bonus – Denisa’s awesome ruffly shirt throughout the video :)

One Comment Add yours

  1. daianara says:

    “2:03 – Mysteriously the husband and wife are riding on a cart with a third guy now. Who is this guy? Nobody knows.”
    That would be the local taxi driver, as seen at 00.40 and 03.05 :P
    2nd bonus: The wife’s eyebrow pierce.


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