Real Life Hopa

Since I noticed a lot of people have been coming to my post about the Romanian slang word “hopa”, I thought I’d add this brief little true story from my life.

Date: A couple of days ago
Scene: Inside Auchan, a huge chaotic discount store, near a large pallet piled high with cases of beer.


“Bogdan”: A slightly short man in his 40’s with a tight shirt over his beer belly. Wearing matching yellow shorts and yellow/black shirt.
Me: An innocent bystander


BOGDAN is seen rooting around through a large, poorly stacked pallet of cases of beer in a crowded store. BOGDAN is evidently in search of a particular brand that is underneath several other cases that he has to move to get to his prize.

Suddenly BOGDAN’S elbow inadvertently strikes a teetering stack of beer and the column tips over and cascades several cases into the aisle.

ME: Hopa!


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