Hey, hey we’re the Lipoveni!

Hello idiot American chefs, I'm the only Russian culture you will find in Romania!

Even though both Russia and Romania begin with an “R” and were both at one time Communist nations, there’s actually nothing very Russian about Romania at all – despite what total fucking idiots continue to think.

Yes, it’s true that at one time Russian was a language studied in high school. But the same is true that in America people used to study Latin. Have you ever met anyone who actually speaks Latin though? No. And you won’t find anyone who speaks Russian in Romania either.

Except for these guys – the Lipoveni, better known in English as the Lipovans or in Russian as the Липоване. So who are they?

Well, a long time ago (1652 to be precise) the head of the Russian Orthodox Church (aka the “Russian pope”) decided to modernize and update the religion. Well a whole bunch of Russians got royally pissed off about it and swore by the hairs of their long grey beards that there weren’t going to stand for such heresy. And a group of them decided to move down to eastern Romania and have been here ever since – the Lipoveni.

The Lipoveni (in Romania) mainly live in Tulcea, mostly in small villages that are in the middle of a giant flooded zone known as the Danube Delta. Just imagine cajuns deep in the Louisiana swamps and that’s roughly what we’re talking about here. Many Lipoveni live in villages which are literally only accessible via boat, for instance.

The friendly guy in the image above (from Russian TV) lives in a Jurilovca, which is probably a good place to visit in case you ever want to meet some Lipoveni.

If you speak Russian (or Romanian), the Lipoveni even have their own newspaper, complete with lots of nice pictures and updates on culture events. There are only about 30,000 Lipoveni in Romania but they are a well-established community here.


6 thoughts on “Hey, hey we’re the Lipoveni!

  1. Ai mei sunt lipoveni. Imi place de ei. Cred ca ti-ar prinde bine o vacanta in Delta, daca nu ai facut asta deja :D cu atat mai mult cu cat am citit ca-ti cam place sa tragi la masea, haha


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