Everyone Is Hopping Mad in Moldova

I’m not going to bother unpacking the election results in Moldova because I doubt there’s a single person with an open mind reading this. Believe what you want.

Black Ball

Oh mercy. Yesterday, the Big Vote was held, and the PSD and members of the minority parties “successfully” voted out Prime Minister Grindeanu, the same man they had installed in office just six months ago. You can read about the fallout here in English, but what I wanted to focus on today was how the…

The Mother of All Fail Whales

Oh my. Just when I thought this week couldn’t get any funnier, Liviu Dragnea went and proved me wrong. Dry details in English on the latest hijinks here, but I was clutching my belly with laughter all day Tuesday as I watched Dragnea’s last attempt to save his political power flame out in a blaze…

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