What I Miss Most About Romania

The “Sit Around” was, in reality, a way for the whole village to come together and for young bachelors to look for a bride. Likewise, for the older members of the community, the “Sit Around” was a time to pass the time having fun, teaching the youth traditional skills and how to transform work into something that’s a pleasure. Continue reading What I Miss Most About Romania

The Ballad of the Budget of Marisel

Word Count: 2348 You cannot even imagine how excited I was to read this: A programme launched by the finance ministry on Friday now makes available monthly budget execution data for the country’s roughly 17,720 state institutions, including parliament, ministries, city halls, schools and hospitals. . “Any citizen, company and taxpayer can now see how public funds are distributed and how they are spent by … Continue reading The Ballad of the Budget of Marisel

The Saga of Rosia Montana

Word Count: 3843 Let’s start off with the good news. The Romanian Ministry of Culture, in conjunction with the Ministry of the Environment, Forests, and Water, officially added the Rosia Montana area to the list of sites to be considered by the United Nations as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Should this go all the way to the finish (which will take a few years) … Continue reading The Saga of Rosia Montana