Racism in Romania

It never fails that at least once a week somebody, somewhere on the internet mentions Madonna giving the finger to sixty thousand (paying!) Romanian fans back in 2009 because of their “discrimination” against Gypsies and how this proves just how backwards and racist everybody in Romania is. Now I see there’s a new AP piece out about how “racist” Romania is: Teenagers in Romania are … Continue reading Racism in Romania

Poor Widdle Racist Romania *sniff*

Despite the Facebook, despite the Twitter, despite the literally thousands of wonderful and amazing Romanians who visit this site, talk about this site or link to this site, a tremendous number of visitors are drawn to this blog by searching for two things – “gypsy” and “Romania”. I’ve written about this (seemingly) hundreds of times, from their slang to their music to the Chocolate Chip … Continue reading Poor Widdle Racist Romania *sniff*