Taxi Drivers in Bucharest

The filming continues like wildfire and it’s been absolutely amazing meeting so many people, both visitors and residents alike, with their informative and interesting opinions on Romania and life here in this unique country. Sadly, one of the people we interviewed brought up a problem I’ve heard many times before, which is that taxi drivers in Bucharest (the capital) often tend to be crooks, scam … Continue reading Taxi Drivers in Bucharest

Any Given Taxi

Literally every single time I have ever phoned a taxi service to order a cab, this is exactly how the dialogue went: Me: O masina la adresa X, va rog. Dispatcher: *grumpy snorts into phone, says nothing, keys clacking for 30 seconds* Pe ce nume? Me: Sam Dispatcher: Ce? Me: Sâm ca sîmbata Dispatcher: Ah. *keys clacking, garbled radio traffic in the background for a … Continue reading Any Given Taxi

My Guide to Taxis in Romania

This has been a post I’ve been wanting to write for a long, long time. Cars are expensive in Romania and gasoline/diesel is as well. Therefore a lot of the population takes taxis, which are numerous and plentiful just about everywhere. Unless you’re visiting Romania and driving your own car, chances are likely you’re going to take a taxi at some point. Before I say … Continue reading My Guide to Taxis in Romania