Desperate Air Moldova Employees Warn of Impending Disaster

When I saw this article come across the wire, I assumed that it would quickly become a big story, if not globally than at least in Moldova. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, probably because if the information is true, it is just too horrible to contemplate. Frankly, it scared the hell out of me, and I’m…

The Land of No Mail

One of the really nice things about living in the Republic of Moldova as opposed to Romania is that here, I get no mail. Sure, there’s a very functional postal service that delivers things, but I mean what I said quite literally: I never get any mail. To be clear, I got some documents last…

BBC Bucharest

I don’t talk about it too often but most of my long-time readers know that I have a special love for TV weather reports. Back when I lived in Cluj-Napoca, I had a better computer and so watched a lot of TV news feeds online but these days I rely on (free) satellite channels. I…

A Land Without Junk Mail

Although I’m not a very conscientious adherent to the Tao, it must be said that some of the best things about life in Romania are what’s missing here. After watching a documentary about junk mail in Britain I was reminded that the problem is equally bad in the United States, Canada and many other countries….

Word of the Day: Prohod

Well here’s a word you won’t hear every day: prohod. In fact, the only time you’ll (probably) ever hear it is today because it refers to the specific Orthodox religious ceremony conducted on Good Friday. The word prohod specifically refers to funeral rites or the series of prayers and ceremonies conducted when someone is buried….