Protests Continue in Moldova

Every major media outlet, including the BBC and all the major players in other languages, covered the events of yesterday (Sunday) as between 10 and 50 thousand people came out in the bitter cold to call for new elections: Chanting “We Are the People” and “We Want our Country Back” in both Romanian and Russian, protesters in Chisinau braved temperatures of minus 10 degrees Celsius … Continue reading Protests Continue in Moldova

The Story of a Romanian Doctor in France

The issue of “brain drain”, or the smartest/best educated people leaving Romania has become a serious problem. In particular, many Romanian doctors are leaving their homeland for jobs abroad to earn far better day. This woman is one of the people who had to make that difficult choice: Changement d’idiome, de contrée, mais pas de métier, même si en Roumanie, on parle de « médecin … Continue reading The Story of a Romanian Doctor in France

Moldovans Take to the Streets

The huge protests continue for a third day, loud enough I could hear them two kilometers away at my house. From here: Two of the Chisinau protests on January 16 were organized by pro-Russian parties, while the third was held by the Dignity and Truth (DA) anticorruption civic group. The protests came after President Nicolae Timofti on January 15 nominated Technology Minister Pavel Filip as … Continue reading Moldovans Take to the Streets

A Hated Oligarch is Romania’s Last Hope

Moldova is rapidly heading towards the precipice: Moldova’s president on Wednesday rejected a proposal to nominate an influential politician and businessman to become the next prime minister, saying there were doubts about his integrity. But President Nicolae Timofti said there were reasonable suspicions about Plahotniuc’s integrity and said he would not nominate him for the job. He told the pro-European coalition to pick another candidate … Continue reading A Hated Oligarch is Romania’s Last Hope

Park Wherever You Like

Well it’s time to unveil a little “secret”, which is that Digi24 news channel has set up a bureau here in Cluj-Napoca. I say “secret” because it’s hidden way up behind the CENTRAL shopping center and isn’t marked in any way or officially announced. I know it’s there because I’ve been up there – the channel foolishly invited me up there to film me on … Continue reading Park Wherever You Like