Don’t follow leaders

As someone who maintains a site (nearly) exclusively focusing on Romania, it’s certainly incumbent upon me to mention that 2014 is a presidential election year in this country. After two turbulent 5-year terms in office, Basescu is required by law to step down this year. Who will replace him is anybody’s guess but yesterday I saw that Emil Boc, former Prime Minister and current mayor … Continue reading Don’t follow leaders

Park Wherever You Like

Well it’s time to unveil a little “secret”, which is that Digi24 news channel has set up a bureau here in Cluj-Napoca. I say “secret” because it’s hidden way up behind the CENTRAL shopping center and isn’t marked in any way or officially announced. I know it’s there because I’ve been up there – the channel foolishly invited me up there to film me on … Continue reading Park Wherever You Like

Solutions: Part 1

Although it takes a certain level of talent to adroitly and succinctly enumerate the shortcomings of life, otherwise known as “pointing out where the government (and society at large) is failing”, it’s a harder job yet to speak of solutions, of improvements, of realistic steps to take to truly realize a better world. Therefore I’m starting a new category of posts, which I’ll just call … Continue reading Solutions: Part 1