The Mother of All Fail Whales

Oh my. Just when I thought this week couldn’t get any funnier, Liviu Dragnea went and proved me wrong. Dry details in English on the latest hijinks here, but I was clutching my belly with laughter all day Tuesday as I watched Dragnea’s last attempt to save his political power flame out in a blaze of idiocy. To recap, Dragnea is the de facto head … Continue reading The Mother of All Fail Whales

Rat Fight on the Titanic

I’ve been following politics in Romania since way back in the year 2000 when Traian Basescu cried on television after accepting his party’s nomination for president. Along the way, I’ve seen some truly stupid and greedy shit, so you’d think there’d be nothing left to surprise me. Well, yesterday, I discovered that there is apparently a new low in Romanian politics. If you’re just catching … Continue reading Rat Fight on the Titanic

Cold Fury

I spent much of today reading through English-language reports on the continuing protests in Romania. I saw lots of disinformation, bad mispronunciations of Liviu Dragnea’s name, and a rather superficial analysis of what’s actually going on, but one thing is now official: these are the largest protests in Romania’s history. The situation continues to evolve, but I continue to marvel at the sheer stupidity of … Continue reading Cold Fury

The Strange Behavior of Living Creatures

Word count: 2605 By now, you may have heard that Romania is close to getting its first female prime minister, a woman named Sevil Shhaideh. Not only is she the first woman to potentially hold the post, but she’s also a Muslim member of the minority Turkmen-Tatar community in Romania (more on them here). She’s likely to be confirmed, but we’ll have to wait for … Continue reading The Strange Behavior of Living Creatures