Cold Fury

I spent much of today reading through English-language reports on the continuing protests in Romania. I saw lots of disinformation, bad mispronunciations of Liviu Dragnea’s name, and a rather superficial analysis of what’s actually going on, but one thing is now official: these are the largest protests in Romania’s history.

The situation continues to evolve, but I continue to marvel at the sheer stupidity of angering the Romanian populace during winter. For whatever reason, all of the big protests, revolutions, and revolts in Romanian history take place during cold weather.

Here’s a brief rundown (links in English):

The revolt of Horea, Closca, and Crisan – October-December 1784

Wallachian revolution of 1848 that led to the adoption of current flag and national anthem – September 1848 (Transylvania revolt follows in December 1848)

The Peasants’ Revolt (Rascoala) – February 1907

The 1918 declaration of unity now celebrated every year as Romania Day – December 1918

Communist agitators go on strike and several are arrested, including Nicolae Ceausescu, hardening his political ideology – November 1933

Communists organize large-scale strikes and protests to force King Michael to put them into power – October-November 1944

University students protest Communist rule before being brutally crushed by Ion Iliescu, future president and revolution-crusher – October 1956

Brasov Rebellion against Ceausescu – November 1987

Romania revolution leading to downfall of Communist rule and execution of Ceausescu – December 1989

Large scale protest against sacking of Raed Arafat – January 2012

Protest against ACTA treaty – February 2012

Pungesti anti-fracking protests – October-December 2013

Protests following poorly-run first round of presidential elections – November 2014

Widescale anti-corruption protests following Collective fire lead to PM Ponta’s resignation and installation of new government – November 2015

Shepherds protesting changes to the law are brutally crushed by armed police – December 2015

And now, of course, the current protests that have taken place in 50 cities across Romania and dozens of cities around the world.

In other words, if you’re going to piss off the Romanian people, do it when the weather is nice!

7 thoughts on “Cold Fury

  1. Well, for present times, the Parliament is on vacation during the summer… And most of the citizens as well. Of course, the government is still active but they rarely dare to change big things without “background support”.


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