Come You Masters of War

From here:

American and European warplanes and ships have been bombing Libyan bases and positions of Muammar Gaddafi’s military. There have been 110 cruise missiles fired, according to Britain and the US, and one large airbase alone is reported to have been hit with 40 bombs from an American stealth bomber. Meanwhile aircraft continue to arrive at Mediterranean bases from allied countries including Canada, Denmark and Spain.

Desde aqui:

Ya comenzó la acción militar, bueno, los aliados, contra Libia. Esto es muy lamentable: más muerte, más guerra, son los señores de la guerra.

From here:

You sit back and watch
while the death count gets higher.

9 thoughts on “Come You Masters of War

  1. Churchill on non-interventionism: “An appeaser is a person who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”. ;)



  2. Well, it is the first time since Sudan that a military intervention is actually justified, so I’m happy that the rebels weren’t allowed to lose.


  3. We want your money! (high quality oil)
    As we all know, war is the most profitable bussiness.

    So we look for a reason to attack, we attack, we win, we put a loyal goverment and we suck resources.

    Long live US Army and little Napoleon (sarkozy) strategy!


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