A Victim of Stalinist Propaganda

Stalin did plenty of REAL bad shit during his lifetime, but Romanian patriots prefer to blame him for things he had absolutely nothing to do with.

Different Trees, Different Fruit

What’s the difference between a “real” Nazi and a Romanian in Pridnestrovie spewing anti-Semitic stuff in public and consistently using the Holocaust name for the place where she lives?

Fear and Loathing

After my wife and I enjoyed a lovely day in Transnistria last month, I told the Unsleeping Eye to increase its attention on this country that “doesn’t exist.” So, you can imagine my horror when I saw this story being reported by Agerpress, the official state media of Romania. My translation: The Use of the…

Sharpy, Licky, and Mini Pitchfork

Romanian is an interesting and colorful language, but it’s actually quite rare to find an entire set of words that are strictly derived from Latin. One such case involves everyday kitchen utensils. Knife = cuțit Spoon = linguriţă Fork = furculiţă The Romanian word for “knife” comes directly from the Latin term cotitus which means…


Word Count: 453 One of the cool things about having a wife who is learning Latin (and Greek) is that I’m finally getting some resolution to some etymological mysteries that I’ve had for years with some Romanian words. A case in point is the Romanian word for garlic, which is totally unlike other Romance languages:…