Economic Assassins

Well it’s Monday which means time to put watching old TV shows on the back burner for a bit and do some serious work. Through some research, I came across a statement from an old PSD heavyweight politician from Targoviste and noticed it had been receiving very little attention in Romania and zero attention in the English language media. If you speak Romanian, I recommend … Continue reading Economic Assassins

The Heavy Heart of Betrayal

I think sometimes the source of our bitterest sorrow comes from those whom we once trusted and let into our minds (and yes, even our hearts) but then betrayed us. I certainly intend to post some “lighter” fare in the immediate future but before I turn and take a rest, time for one last dance (at least for now) with the topic at hand – … Continue reading The Heavy Heart of Betrayal

The Bitter Taste of False Power

I haven’t been enticed by television in many a year now (thank the gods and the Man Jesus) but back in 2004, I was unemployed and freshly relocated to Romania, trying to learn the language. I watched a lot of television in those days and remember quite well the presidential elections of that year, in which a more respected politician named Teodor Stolojan bowed out … Continue reading The Bitter Taste of False Power

Am Venit Sa Dau Drumu’ La Lumina

I will warn you ahead of time – this is going to be a long one. Yes, for an entire week I was indeed “dead” – not in the corporeal sense but in the “virtual” sense. I was cut off from the internet for an entire week. My electricity was cut and without it, almost every trace of my modern life disappeared in an instant. … Continue reading Am Venit Sa Dau Drumu’ La Lumina