Economic Assassins

Well it’s Monday which means time to put watching old TV shows on the back burner for a bit and do some serious work.

Through some research, I came across a statement from an old PSD heavyweight politician from Targoviste and noticed it had been receiving very little attention in Romania and zero attention in the English language media.

If you speak Romanian, I recommend you read the original at the link. What follows is my translation and so all errors are mine alone:


“Those in power in Bucharest are willing accomplices in an ongoing systemic manipulation to falsify macroeconomic indicators, which have led to erroneous political decisions, resulting in the betrayal of this country with the undermining of the economy and their selling out this country’s sovereignty and political independence to serve the needs of foreign organizations,” said Representative Ion Stan, a member of the parliamentary commission that oversees the SRI [domestic intelligence agency] in a formal statement on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Stan is talking about a deliberate plan of using loans to commit “economic assassination” against Romania by international financial organizations and those who control things from the shadows.

“From the days when they were negotiating and signing, based on bribery, the joining and integration of Romania into the Euro-Atlantic family, Romania’s macroeconomic data has been systematically falsified. Thusly, right now in 2012, the difference between the real macroeconomic data and that which has been officially published (by the National Bank of Romania, the Ministry of Public Finance, the National Statistics Institute and the National Forecasting Commission) has deliberately maintained a huge gulf between the real economic capability of this country and its ability to develop. The statistics about the gross industrial output are undervalued by about 20% (the real GDP = the publicly stated GDP + 20%). This undervaluation of the real economic statistics was necessary to demonstrate, based on false data, that Romania needed to borrow money internationally,” said Stan.

“The work of ginning up these false statistics is part of a strategy by the economic assassins, in Romania’s case, Jeffrey Franks and his predecessor, as part of a global plan. The coordinators of this strategy are the anonymous masters behind the International Monetary Fund,” said Stan.

The first step is that officials controlled by the IMF falsify data in each country. Then offers to give loans are proposed based on these false statistics.

“Based on this false data, the IMF made a financial offer [to Romania] (accompanied by harsh economic controls [austerity measures] to deliberately acquire, at rock bottom prices, important segments of the national economy), which was immediately accepted by national leaders in the political and economic world,” explained the PSD member.

The real statistics about the economy are well-known to the IMF. “Some of the [Romanian] institutions which have been requested to provide, in an unofficial manner, the real data [about the economy] have been unable to respond because they are engaged in falsifying data and thus do not even have access to the real statistics. Thusly Jeffrey Franks, with [President] Traian Basescu’s acceptance, worked with the head of ANAF [Public Finance Ministry] Sorin Blejnar to remove the real data from the books.

Our sources have told us that there were some “accidental” interceptions from telephone numbers 0728.666.063 and 0741.239.082 and that further investigation into these two networks could provide irrefutable evidence about how this system [of withholding the real data] works. Not only that but we were also surprised to discover that “Emil Bloc’s blonde woman” [Cynthia Curt] is a fully integrated commando in the team seeking to economically assassinate Romania,” said the representative.

“Right now in 2012, when Romania must pay back the IMF some 1,2 billion euros, we are beginning many long years of decline, which will bury [destroy] much of Romania’s economy. Keeping in mind that the IMF began as an international fund to serve its members but that the institution’s mission was then subverted, it is worth asking what we know about Jeffrey Franks and those running the IMF and who they work for,” concluded Stan.


Now I’ll be the first to admit that Stan has been a kind of rabble rouser for a long time but I wanted to translate this into English so it would be accessible to people. What Stan said follows along partially with what Mircea Geoana said a couple of weeks ago as well. Clearly, I’m not the only person who is extremely concerned that Romania is on the hook for billions of euros to the IMF.

The term “economic assassin” more than likely comes from the title of this book, which more or less tracks with what I’ve seen over the years myself, mostly relating to USAID than the IMF or World Bank. I’ve known a number of individuals in that organization (USAID) and none in the latter two.

Nonetheless, there is an almost unblemished “track record” in which these various “super banks” (EBRD, BIS, etc) essentially carry on a policy of neo-colonialism. As Perkins himself said, this doesn’t even require Ion Stan’s “shadowy masters” engaged in a conspiracy – it’s just simple business. Countries like Romania have certain resources, whether that’s gold, oil or food, and “super banks” like the IMF are exceedingly efficient in strip mining this value out of the countries in question. I mean fuck it, they did it once in Romania so why not do it again?

As for Stan’s assertion that statistics about the economy are being falsified, I have no way to learn whether he’s right or not. But considering the profit that is to be made by those who serve the IMF (or control it), it’s not a difficult leap to imagine that people can be bought off or pressured into allowing this to take place. Corruption and bribery in Romania is certainly nothing new.

The real question is not whether Stan’s assertions are correct but what the people of this country are going to do about this very real burden of a crushing debt to international bankers. All you have to do is glance over at nearby Greece and see that things don’t look good for Romania’s future.

Is Romania going to turn into a second Republic of Moldova, where inflation is rampant, all the able-bodied adults have left to go work in other countries and nothing remains (almost) but desperately poor people engaged in some agricultural production? Or is everyone going to wait for riots and the collapse of the economy before becoming independent of these foreign bankers like Argentina did?

I guess only time will tell.

3 thoughts on “Economic Assassins

  1. That is the reality,but most of the romanian citizens don’t see (they are blind people)the truth,they want just to put something on their tables to eat,while our leaders rob and sell everything was good in this country for foreign corporations(devil corporations),most of us are like sheeps,suffering in silence,unbelievable,but most of us resigned peacefully without screams…i saw these events when Romania enter in U.E. (1 January,2007-The Day when Romania lost his sovereignity).


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