Kovesi Warns of Even More Prosecutions

It’s been interesting watching how Bloomberg has been reporting on Saint Laura‘s prosecuting juggernaut. First, they warned that her rampaging prosecutions were bad for business and then today they announce that the DNA is set to redouble its efforts to get a record number of prosecutions this year:

Romania’s anti-corruption prosecutors are adding manpower and targeting the fortunes of those they deem guilty of corruption to clamp down on crime and deter future violations, Laura Codruta Kovesi, the chief anti-corruption prosecutor, said. In 2015, the National Anti-Corruption Directorate surpassed 2014’s record of cases, by sending a sitting prime minister, five ministers and more than 20 lawmakers to trial, Kovesi said in an interview on Tuesday in Bucharest.

This article was written by Romanians, therefore it should read “targeting the assets” as the DNA’s next step is to get the ANAF to seize more assets, a key recommendation of the 2015 and 2016 CVM reports.

Meanwhile this Romanian article is a real bombshell.

My translation of the title:

Using EU money, the SRI [Romania’s intelligence agency] trained 1,000 judges and prosecutors in a program camouflaged as being a Labor Ministry training program [on gender equality!] but was actually run by the SRI’s National Intelligence Academy.

This isn’t just scandalous but a direct violation of the law, which states that magistrates (judges and prosecutors) are not allowed to work for intelligence agencies either directly or indirectly. Furthermore, at least half of the magistrates were either chief prosecutors [of a given court] or chief judges [of a given court]. Yikes!

Even more interesting, the purported training program was held under the auspices of the Labor Ministry’s “Equal Chances for Men and Women” gender equality department, run by Ioana Liana Cazacu, a woman who is both a member of the PSD political party but also Ponta’s goddaughter.

Meanwhile one judge (link in Romanian) named Cristi Danilet went on FB to say that no, it really was a gender equality training program and had nothing to do with the SRI. But when journalists contacted the “Equal Chances” people, they said that not a single magistrate participated in the program. Say what?

Sounds fishy to me. If you speak Romanian, here is the original report. They definitely attended this program, the question remains is whether or not this was a covert act by the intelligence community to further infiltrate the judicial system.

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