Numai Oua

After a Romanian court felt sorry for a pitiful, confused old man and gave him a brief respite for Christmas, now twice-convicted former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase was carted off to jail two nights ago. Officially sentenced to four years, it’s doubtful he’ll serve more than 12 months due to the way the spineless justice system in Romania works. Nonetheless, all of the local press … Continue reading Numai Oua

Incompetent at Everything

In every language under the sun, including in English from the good old New York Times: Mr. Nastase, who will turn 62 on Friday, had denied any wrongdoing and insisted that the case was politically motivated. He had appealed his March 30 sentence after he was convicted of illegally raising $2 million for his failed presidential campaign in 2004 by drawing from the profits of … Continue reading Incompetent at Everything

Manufacturing Inanity

Although I do not own a television, last night I had the privilege of watching (online) a local Cluj-Napoca program called “Zi de Zi” which featured a host and three guests all debating the issue of “second hand” stores (used clothing shops) here in town. I was alerted to this program because a local blogger and fellow Twitterer was a guest on this program. Watching … Continue reading Manufacturing Inanity