Squaring the Dog Circle

Woah! Sometimes you almost give up hope on some enduring problems in Romania but this story is amazing: Stray dogs could be used in pet therapy programmes for children with disabilities. This is the ambitious idea from Vier Pfoten, a non-profit association that has recently opened a service centre for its unique care in Bucharest. The link above is a poorly-translated version of this amazing … Continue reading Squaring the Dog Circle

10 Benefits of Having Homeless Friends

Based on a conversation I had on Twitter a few days ago, I realized that having friends who are homeless has some unique benefits. I must admit that I never would’ve guessed that one day I’d be speaking Romanian to and hanging out with homeless people but then again I also never predicted I’d be learning the Romanian language at all (in 37 easy steps) … Continue reading 10 Benefits of Having Homeless Friends

My very first Kickstarter project

Wow it has finally launched! YES! Folks, if you’ve been following this blog for a long time, you know about “Project Iceberg”, my little code word for a something I’ve been planning and working on since August 2012 when I wrote my post The Revolution Begins Today. Essentially I looked around here and wondered what I could do to make this city and country a … Continue reading My very first Kickstarter project