My very first Kickstarter project

Wow it has finally launched! YES! Folks, if you’ve been following this blog for a long time, you know about “Project Iceberg”, my little code word for a something I’ve been planning and working on since August 2012 when I wrote my post The Revolution Begins Today. Essentially I looked around here and wondered what I could do to make this city and country a … Continue reading My very first Kickstarter project

The Many Faces of ING

I keep being surprised (and slightly puzzled) that certain foreigners genuinely want to learn Romanian. Obviously it’s good to know how to ask for directions or count numbers but some people I meet want to take it to the next level and actually have a conversation. In my unofficial role as “Dat Engrish Speaker Who Also Speakee Romanian” I hereby present a little lesson on … Continue reading The Many Faces of ING

Cine e cu mine striga “Hei!”

Folks, I’m not trying to turn this entire blog into a vehicle for pimping the book, but I really got to ask a favor from all of you – it won’t cost any money and only take 5 minutes or less of your time. I appreciate all the kind comments and emails I’ve gotten. It’s truly been overwhelming. Now I need you to go tell … Continue reading Cine e cu mine striga “Hei!”