Cine e cu mine striga “Hei!”

Folks, I’m not trying to turn this entire blog into a vehicle for pimping the book, but I really got to ask a favor from all of you – it won’t cost any money and only take 5 minutes or less of your time.

I appreciate all the kind comments and emails I’ve gotten. It’s truly been overwhelming. Now I need you to go tell other people who haven’t been to this website who the heck I am and why reading anything I wrote is worth their hard-earned money.

The standard Amazon page for the paperback isn’t up yet. However, all of the electronic editions have normal pages, which includes a way to add comments and give feedback.

Even if you don’t buy the book, please log on to Amazon and/or Barnes and Nobles websites and state your opinion about my writing, which you do know. The same person who writes all of these articles you (hopefully) enjoy wrote the book, and you can definitely speak to that.

Be honest, of course. Don’t say you bought 50 copies when you didn’t ;) But if you like what you read here, PLEASE log on to either of those sites and let others know what you think.

If you’re Romanian and want to add something like “hey I’m Romanian and this is the legitimate deal here” or anything along those lines too, that’s be great.

Click here and pick an appropriate link if you want to help me out.


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