Melescanu Shits the Bed

Today, all of the local news stations are buzzing over the latest catastrophe from Romania’s foreign minister, Teodor Melescanu, in which he was caught red-handed in a BBC interview defending corruption: Ouch! Of course, it must be remembered that Melescanu is quite literally an old Communist dinosaur (link in Romanian) with a troubling history of supporting dictatorships. Bedfellows Melescanu was quite busy in 2018. Here’s … Continue reading Melescanu Shits the Bed

Banker Hired to Sell Romania

They always say that if you want to make a little money, rob a bank, but if you want to make a ton of money, become a banker. I guess the Romanian government agrees: The government has appointed Manuel Costescu, an investment banker at JP Morgan, as state secretary in charge of the Department for Foreign Investments and Public-Private Partnerships (DPIIS), according to a decision … Continue reading Banker Hired to Sell Romania

At Play in the Glass Hall of the Lord of Cluj

Well it actually happened. I met the mayor of Cluj-Napoca yesterday. Obviously nobody in the administration has discovered my “secret identity” yet LOL. This is a part two of a story which began here but I need to rewind to the very beginning. At some point in the past, someone in the mayor’s office in Cluj decided that it would be a good idea to … Continue reading At Play in the Glass Hall of the Lord of Cluj

Romania’s Image

Grazie mille to commenter Grumps for providing a link to a blogpost that some American wrote, mostly talking about Romanian cinema. The discussion then segues into Romania’s “image”, as in what people know about Romania who know nothing about Romania. This entire topic makes me sigh with exasperation precisely because several different interests are conflicting here, resulting in a stalemate and unchanging condition, which is … Continue reading Romania’s Image