Monumental Stupidity

While it’s apparently perfectly acceptable to honor American soldiers who dropped bombs on innocent civilians with two separate monuments in the same city that they attacked, the deputy mayor of Bucharest is now agitating for a small park in the city to be renamed because it honors a Soviet general. Located in northeastern Bucharest, Tolbukhin Park (Ro: Parcul Tolbuhin) is named after Fyodor Tolbukhin, a … Continue reading Monumental Stupidity

Out here 1000 miles from their home

On Friday night my windows were rattled in their frames by a series of loud booms. My initial thought was that for some foolish reason the army was firing off their AA batteries and I ran outside on my balcony to scan the sky for tracer fire. It turned out that the local government was firing off high-grade fireworks in commemoration of the “Little Union”, … Continue reading Out here 1000 miles from their home