Easter Eggs in December

Word Count: 1696 Last week, I was awakened from my slumber after reading an interesting passage in Aziz Ansari’s outstanding book Modern Romance, in which he describes how he is “obsessed” with doing research on the internet to find the best place to eat (and best products). I assume that plenty of people also use the internet for the same purpose, which I guess you … Continue reading Easter Eggs in December

Numai Oua

After a Romanian court felt sorry for a pitiful, confused old man and gave him a brief respite for Christmas, now twice-convicted former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase was carted off to jail two nights ago. Officially sentenced to four years, it’s doubtful he’ll serve more than 12 months due to the way the spineless justice system in Romania works. Nonetheless, all of the local press … Continue reading Numai Oua

Ad Hoc

Well the results are in from my little experiment with the ads. Quite clearly I can now cease all other activity and go on vacation to the South Pacific in a chartered Gulfstream and go ahead and finally place that order for a custom limousine entirely plated in gold and encrusted in diamonds because over the last month I earned a grand total of $5.42. … Continue reading Ad Hoc