Here We Go!

This is a gentle reminder that tomorrow (Sunday, January 10) the blog will be taken offline. If you try to visit, you’ll get a prompt for a password, as that’s the only way I know how to lock it down and make all the upcoming changes without doing it piecemeal and looking really ugly.

If all goes well, on Monday the brand new site will be available (with no password prompt). I’m really excited about all the changes, so I hope you like it!

Wow... the future is amazing!
Wow… the future is amazing!

Email warning: more than 3,000 people are subscribed to this blog via email. You’re used to one post a day max from this site, so I’m letting you know right now that the new site will be much more active. Hence, you’ll be getting a lot more emails. If that’s not something you want, just unsubscribe from the link at the bottom of the emails you get. Don’t write to me, as I have no personal control over it :)

I’ve got plenty of surprises in store, and some big ideas for the future of this site. It’s been a really fun ride so far, so I can’t wait to see what happens next!


8 thoughts on “Here We Go!

      1. What is libtard ? I didn’t find this word in any dictionary.
        Maybe comes from liberal retarded which will suits you perfect.
        You lived in Romania for a while and still you did not get it, we are sick an tired
        of leftist propaganda.
        We want a world were American value are dominant not Russian or Chinese.


      2. What is libtard ? Are you going to answer or like many other times you just ignore
        the question like Hilary Clinton?


  1. Good luck with your new format but be careful you already made us disgusted with your
    stupid, far from historical true, writings about Hitler-Stalin treaty.
    More important you even did not rectify anything when you were confronted.


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