Ad Hoc

Well the results are in from my little experiment with the ads.

Quite clearly I can now cease all other activity and go on vacation to the South Pacific in a chartered Gulfstream and go ahead and finally place that order for a custom limousine entirely plated in gold and encrusted in diamonds because over the last month I earned a grand total of $5.42.

LOL – of course I was never expecting to get rich but if we assume that this will be a typical result and extrapolate from there, it comes to something like $65 a year, which at least will pay for the hosting of this website. Not exactly thrilling but I’ll take self-financed over something that costs me money.

A couple of weeks ago I got an angry message from a Romanian who accused me of “getting rich” by mocking this country. Of course I look at most of what I do as being positive, even when it’s positive criticism, but even if I were frothing at the mouth with rabid hatred for Romanians it is indisputable that I’m not getting rich by doing so LMFAO.

Anyway, just thought you, the reader, deserved to know what was going on. The payments apparently are calculated by “impressions” (i.e. how many times they are displayed) and not how many times people (you) click on them so please don’t feel under any obligation whatsoever to click on any advertisement that you don’t find otherwise interesting or useful to you.


3 thoughts on “Ad Hoc

  1. The advertisements cycle in the placements bellow the articles. But not all of them show up when they need to load. Also some people like me have advertisements off usually on all websites.

    Impressions, impressions …


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