A mural of Transnistrian president Vadim Krasnoselsky and his family.

A Mural for Vadim Krasnoselsky

A few weeks ago, I was out walking the dog early in the morning when I caught a “tagger” painting his logo on my neighbor’s house. Tagging is when young men use spray paint to plaster their logo or name (called their “tag”) on public buildings, including people’s houses. I didn’t make a scene because the neighbor in question is a complete asshole, but I … Continue reading A Mural for Vadim Krasnoselsky

10 Artists Who Highlight Romania’s Budding Art Scene

Wow, this is pretty cool: Calling on artists, creators, and visionaries to submit their work, and become part of a movement to highlight the talent and colourfulness that exists in Romania’s art world, over 100 people applied to be part of the event and have their work shown. The whole thing is sponsored by a beer company but hey, artists don’t always need to starve, … Continue reading 10 Artists Who Highlight Romania’s Budding Art Scene

Romanian Handicrafts: Gobelin

Two Romanian immigrants in Ohio (USA) are keeping alive the ancient art of fine needlepoint: Burtea, a Romanian immigrant who moved to the states in 1994, took up the craft as a teenager, alongside her mother Stela. – “It was in communist Romania, so you didn’t really have much distraction,” she told the Star Beacon — usually, kids read books or played outside. “There wasn’t … Continue reading Romanian Handicrafts: Gobelin

Using Art to Address Problems

As the photo suggests, Romanian artists are tackling problems “head on”: Today, artists such as ColectivA, Maria Draghici, h.arta, David Schwartz, studioBASAR and Ioana Păun are engaging with these complexities in their work, subverting systems of control or criticising harmful government policies while drawing on modes of resistance to oppression in Romania’s past. Quite interesting, even if I’m not sure how effective it is. Continue reading Using Art to Address Problems

Reverse Prosopagnosia

One of the advantages of educating yourself is that you follow the trails that others have blazed before you. If you grew up in a forest and never saw a human-made object with a combined total of 180 internal degrees, you’d (rightly) consider yourself a genius if you discovered the existence of a triangle. If you live in a modern society, however, this information is … Continue reading Reverse Prosopagnosia