Word of the Day: Hingher

On Saturday I wrote a lengthy piece about the current state of government policy on the stray dog issue here in Romania and in that article I mentioned the word hingher. The problem with this word is that it doesn’t really translate properly into English. If you type it into an online dictionary it invariable comes out as “flayer”. But what does that even mean? … Continue reading Word of the Day: Hingher


To get straight to the subject, I have a short remark to make regarding an (wrong) opinion you made about animal protection field in Cluj Napoca, from my point of view, of course: “Cluj meanwhile does not have a single animal shelter. Not one! Last winter I contacted my veterinarians on behalf of someone who had found a dog that was close to death after … Continue reading Mailbag

Cry Havoc!

My eternally vigilant, unsleeping internet “eye” has been picking up a lot of chatter lately about the “stray dog” situation here in Romania. It looks like there’s going to potentially be some important developments in the near future so it’s time for a lengthy, in-depth piece on the subject. As with all things Romanian, there’s a tremendous amount of confusion and bombastic, hyperbolic speech, inflated … Continue reading Cry Havoc!

Hey, Hey We’re the Doggies!

I’ve been writing a long series on the different kinds of people you will meet here in Romania. While dogs may or may not be considered “people”, you will definitely meet some of them while you are here. As has been mentioned several times, I do live with several cats, which might make you inclined to believe I am a “cat person”, which is true. … Continue reading Hey, Hey We’re the Doggies!