To get straight to the subject, I have a short remark to make regarding an (wrong) opinion you made about animal protection field in Cluj Napoca, from my point of view, of course:

“Cluj meanwhile does not have a single animal shelter. Not one! Last winter I contacted my veterinarians on behalf of someone who had found a dog that was close to death after spending many nights in the freezing cold. It was only due to their personal connections and knowing people who sometimes opened their homes to strays was the animal saved. There was literally no one to call in the city government, no “Animal Control”, no animal shelter, no nothing. ”

It’s so true and so sad that the mayor apostu, together with it’s “team”, in a single word: the authorities who are able to take decisions, THEY are doing nothing, NOTHING to protect the animals, nothing to solve the stray dogs problem. Even I can truly say that they (local authorities, government entities such as DSV, etc) are the main enemies of animals in so called romania, the european country. By the way, the city-hall has a shelter, but is a killing shelter. Don;t recommend you to ask for help there. Only to free the dogs from there.
Maybe this happens due to majority romanian people mentalities or maybe there still are so many public money to steal. But I think you already made your opinion about the general attitude regarding animals in Romania.

Despite this, there are people in Romania, in Cluj Napoca who are fighting for the animals, who are trying to do something for them, to make a difference. And one of those people, is Mr. Radu Termure. I can honestly say that mr Termure is a man who sacrificed all his life, all his money and his health to save the animals from Cluj Napoca, but also from other places from Romania. It’s really hard to do something within this cruel area, of abused, abandoned, injured, tortured, seek animals. Mr Termure does this, it’s so hard and difficult to do this fight, against all: people, mentalities, authorities, ignorance, etc.
Regarding your words: Do you know that mr Termure has in care around 600 dogs and 100 cats? Do you know that by calling 112 regarding an animal in urgent need or some animal abuse, you are ‘redirected’ to mr Termure’s phone? The people from emergency dispatch has his number for this kind of situations. Do you know that mr Termure participated in the team who elaborated the first animal protection law in Romania, L 9/2008 ?

So, the animals from Mr. Termure’s private refuge (not shelter), are all saved from dead, treated after car accidents, hard diseases, etc They are kept alive, they are all sterilized due to this man, Radu Termure. He took the animals in need, dogs who needed HELP. This should be done by the entire society, by the authorities. Because is our problem, not Mr. Termure’s only.
I speak as a guy who KNOWS the work of Mr. Termure, who knows the huge love, devotion, self-sacrifice and loyalty of him for the animals. Everyone who is involved in saving and protecting animals KNOWS about Mr. Termure. Excluding the ignorant people, the persons which don’t love animals, or have no interest that romanian people became civilized in this field.

Can you image how someone can take care of ~700 animals with only his own money? Without volunteers? Without help from nowhere? Without sponsors? And you know how hard is in Romania to find permanent homes for the animals. Romanians doesn’t adopt. They abandon the animals on the streets. The hope for these dogs and cats is to find people from outside Romania, open mind people to adopt those innocent souls.

There is so so many to say, but you got the point: there are people also in Cluj Napoca who fight for animal rights! Maybe you will have a opportunity to meet mr Radu Termure, he has so much to share regarding the animals situation from Romania.

This was my (maybe incoherent) long message for you. Hope you will read it.

Indeed I did, sir. Indeed I did. A link to a video (in Romanian) with an interview with Mr. Termure can be found here.