A Friend Indeed

The United States refused to recognize the 1920 annexation of Bessarabia (Moldova) to the Kingdom of Romania, a fact very few people want you to know.

A Victim of Stalinist Propaganda

Stalin did plenty of REAL bad shit during his lifetime, but Romanian patriots prefer to blame him for things he had absolutely nothing to do with.


Diversity is the lifeblood for any country, and Romania and Moldova urgently need to learn that.

Chicken Scratch

As pathetic as always, Adrian Nastase is sticking to his 2012 “suicide attempt” story.

The Thin Ice of Modern Life

In 1920, Romanian forces in Bender cut out the ice of the frozen Dniester River in order to prevent refugees from entering their newly-won territory.

Never Say Sorry

Prosecutors in Romania don’t wear masks. Judges in Romania don’t wear masks. So why is it okay for police officers to wear masks?


Despite the propaganda that you might’ve heard, Moldova isn’t “Romanian territory,” and Pridnestrovie isn’t “Russian territory.”


As long as it makes PMR look bad, people will believe absolutely anything, no matter how ridiculous.

Ion Iovcev Loses His Mind

Apparently, since nobody ever questions Ion Iovcev’s fantastical tales, he’s gotten used to being treated like a normal person instead of an escaped patient from a mental asylum.


This week, everyone in Romania got to be racist


Apparently, “fucking crazy” is now official Romanian government policy.