An Epic 2000-Mile Roadtrip Through Romania

Plenty of travelers and tourists come to Romania but they tend to fall into two categories – those that fly into the country and then (maybe) go on short road trips or poor backpackers who hitchhike and see amazing things but rarely blog. Today we’re all in for a rare treat as my friend and his wife went on a 2,656-kilometer roadtrip last year to … Continue reading An Epic 2000-Mile Roadtrip Through Romania

9 Mois en Roumanie

I’m always looking out for interesting blogs from visitors who come to Romania. If you understand French, I highly recommend this one, written by a young woman from France who decided to spend 9 months in Romania instead of spending her “gap year” backpacking around Europe. She lives near Sibiu and seems like a really nice person: “Ma mission est orientée sur les relations interculturelles … Continue reading 9 Mois en Roumanie

Transilvania o la salvaje belleza del espíritu

If you understand a little Spanish, click here for a nice travel piece from the leading daily El Mundo on the “savage beauty” of Transylvania. It starts off with a bit of history: “‘Ultra silvam’!, ¡’Ultra silvam’!”, le mordía una voz en sueños al emperador Trajano para que encabezara de nuevo las legiones y capturara el oro sagrado de los Cárpatos. Cuando a los pocos … Continue reading Transilvania o la salvaje belleza del espíritu