Reggae Dracula

Mr. Brown is a clown who rides through the town in a coffin
Mr. Brown is a clown who rides through the town in a coffin

The music of Bob Marley is very popular in this country. And that’s a wonderful tribute to the man but the sad fact remains that most Romanians know only a handful of his songs. They know those songs well but there are a lot of other awesome songs sung by Bob Marley (and the Wailers) out there too.

And one of them is about vampires. Really.

That song is “Mr Brown”, recorded in 1970:

I’ve been speaking English most of my life but don’t really understand that Jamaican too well so if you’re looking for the lyrics, klikken hier or click through and watch the video on its Youtube page.

Not only do the words of the song talk about the undead but the instrumental track in this song is itself called “Dracula”. And according to, a lot of “Halloween music” tracks use it for their compilation albums.

Despite all the “spooky” elements, it’s a relaxing song with a cheerful undertone. I can also tell you from personal experience that this song, plus almost any Bob Marley song, is great music to listen to when you’re washing dishes.

Really, try it.


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