More Gooder Relations with the English

Anyone living here for any amount of time knows that Romania is a comedy of errors, where even the most routine things get cocked up (as British people say). A case in point is a screencap I took of the welcome message of the official website of the Romanian embassy in Britain: Seriously, you’d think someone, somewhere would notify the Right Honorable “Doctor” Ion Jinga, … Continue reading More Gooder Relations with the English

Murder in Piata Unirii

On a bitterly cold and dark morning last week, long after the last club goers had staggered home and before the commuters began heading to work, I saw a murder right in the center of Piata Unirii, the main square in downtown Cluj-Napoca. It was a brazen thing, committed right in the center of the square, which could’ve easily been witnessed by people. But there … Continue reading Murder in Piata Unirii

Answers to Pop Quiz #2

These are the answers to Pop Quiz #2 so if you haven’t taken the quiz yet and don’t want the “spoilers”, do not read the rest of what follows! Answers Question 1 Correct response: A The story begins “so the next morning…” Question 2 Correct response: C The Narrator states several times that his sister was waiting at the bus stop Question 3 Correct response: … Continue reading Answers to Pop Quiz #2

E4R: Answers to Pop Quiz #1

If you haven’t taken the Pop Quiz already, then go ahead and do so before reading further because what follows are the ANSWERS. Yay! Three cheers for answers. Ready? If you’re a highly educated person you probably missed that I mischievously put an “extra” question on the test. I deliberately embed all kinds of textual “Easter eggs” in just about everything I write, mostly to … Continue reading E4R: Answers to Pop Quiz #1